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Live longer. Feel better. Find fulfillment.

You’re here because you want to live longer.

To extend your time on this rock called Earth.

But what if I told you that living longer is only a byproduct of being Longevity Minded?

Sure, this newsletter will give you the best shot at a longer life.

But more importantly, it will help you live better NOW.

The fact that exercise, proper sleep, adequate nutrition, and strong emotional health can tack on extra years to your life is a bonus. It’s the cherry on top. The real reason you should want to prioritize longevity is to enhance every aspect of your life today.

  • to be physically vital and mentally sharp

  • to be durable, functional, stable, and strong

  • to pursue a life that gives you meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction

  • and so much more…

By giving yourself a better life now, you naturally reduce your risk of disease and improve your odds of not only living longer but living independently, fully, and richly right up until your final days.

What you can expect

Longevity Minded offers three Membership levels: Free, Paid, and Founder. 

Here’s what each gets you.

Level 1: Free Subscription

A great place to start

  • Free posts every Thursday at 8 a.m. ET

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Level 2: Paid Membership

Life-enhancing information, stories, and community that is guaranteed to save you more time and money than it costs

  • Everything in Free

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Level 3: Founding Membership

For those who want one-on-one coaching and support from me

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Cost: $200/year

About me

Jack Dixon here, the face behind Longevity Minded.

I started this newsletter in 2021 with the vision of educating and inspiring others to improve their lives in three ways:

  1. Live longer: How can we give ourselves the best shot at a long life?

  2. Feel better: How can we maintain the highest quality of life possible for as long as possible?

  3. Strong emotional health: How can we lead a meaningful life of purpose, presence, joy, and fulfillment?

I’m not a scientist or doctor and I don’t spend my weekends poring over the latest studies or hanging out with PhDs. In fact, I graduated with a business degree. I’m a practitioner with a voracious appetite to discover how I can better my life and a passion for sharing those ideas with you.

You won’t find jargon-filled summaries of experimental research or articles pitching “promising new breakthroughs.” That’s far too volatile, unproven, and subject to change. But if you’re looking for proven strategies accompanied by a straightforward explanation communicated in a non-technical and engaging way, you’re in the right place.

Everything I publish is distilled into its most simple, practical, and actionable form and is time-tested, proven, and science-supported. If I haven’t tried it or don’t believe it, you won’t read it here. And if I’m unsure about something, I’ll state it. This is my information sanctuary as much as it is yours. I wouldn’t misinform myself and I don’t plan on misinforming you.

Thanks for your interest in Longevity Minded.

I pour my heart and soul into this newsletter, and I know you’ll find something that helps you live better, longer.

Welcome to the Longevity Minded community. Now let’s live to the fullest.

What people are saying about Longevity Minded…

“What a great recap, reduced down to essentials. I've never seen longevity medicine expressed in this way — so clear! — Kernan M., MD

“I’m very impressed by how in-depth each article goes and how Jack breaks it down in a way which makes it super easy to comprehend.” — Anders A.

“Each newsletter contains an excellent summary with great suggestions. Longevity Minded has had a hugely positive effect on my physical and mental health.” — Robert D. 

“Just subscribed! Love the concept, my partner is a personal trainer and the two of us are always looking for good resources for healthy living.” — Ashling E. 

“Ah, amazing. As I get older, I think about longevity a lot. As an older parent, I want to be around when my kids grow up! Subscribed :)” — Abha N.

“I have a cousin that’s super into fitness and I told him about Longevity Minded, he loved your s**t on sleep!” — Rocky K.

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